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Wikipedia Preview for R Markdown documents.

Format/Generator Compatibility
blogdown blog/website ✅ Confirmed
bookdown website ❔ Unknown
distill article ✅ Confirmed
distill blog/website ❔ Unknown (but probably works)
HTML Vignette/Document ✅ Confirmed
pkgdown article ✅ Confirmed
Quarto HTML documents ✅ Confirmed
Quarto blog/website ✅ Confirmed
Quarto presentation ✔️ Confirmed BUT using alternative styling is not recommended
Reveal.js presentation ✔️ Confirmed BUT using alternative styling is not recommended
xaringan presentation ✔️ Confirmed BUT {.wiki} styling does not work

NOTE: Wikipedia Preview standalone JS component can be used on any website. There is also an official WordPress plug-in.


You can install the development version of wikipediapreview like so:

# install.packages("remotes")


To initialize include the following anywhere in your R Markdown document:

`r wikipediapreview::wp_init()`

If you prefer, you can initialize using a designated chunk instead:

```{r wp-init, results='asis', echo=FALSE}

Links to Wikipedia articles in your R Markdown document will automatically have popup cards showing your readers a preview of the linked article:

Demonstration of Wikipedia Preview on a rendered R Markdown vignette